We are constantly maintaining and improving our electronic software application.  You should always check our website before you file any report to make certain you are using the latest version of the software. We have had two updates since the 2020 Primary date was changed.

If you have not already done so please update your software.

A backup should be made of the database before updating the software. Step-by-step instructions for backing up your database are included via a link in the section labeled 'Supplemental Help Topics' below.

For those Committees that are using reporting software from a third-party vendor please contact your vendor if you experience issues with the coverage and due dates.

If you have any questions please call 919-814-0700 and speak with campaign finance.


Campaign Reporting Software

The NC State Board of Elections has developed and is constantly maintaining and improving free software that enables the storing of all campaign information required by the state. The Campaign Finance Remote Software is a stand-alone application built for Windows operating system. The software will operate on various Windows operating platforms. The software is not designed to operate on Mac/Apple systems. There are also several third-party products that create files that meet the file format requirements.

If you are a new software user, or a current user that has some basic questions, take a look at the Campaign Finance Software Help Topics section below. We have put together step-by-step instructions for some of the basic processes for using the Campaign Finance Software. There is also a guide available by click the following link Electronic Filing Software Manual.

Install Note and Software Download

Download the software file listed below in order to use the Campaign Finance Filing Software.

Install Note

The Installation for the CF Remote software has been redesigned due to installation issues. As a result, a new installation has been created.

Any user running a version of the CF Remote software that is version 4.2.41 or older will need to:

Newest Version:


* This is the entire installation of the remote software in one single file 

Previous Versions/Release Dates

List of previous versions and their release dates over the past year: 

Version Last Updated
4.4.24  11/15/2019
4.4.23  08/26/2019
4.4.22  08/01/2019
4.4.21 04/10/2018
4.4.20 02/16/2018
4.4.18 11/28/2017


Getting Started Guide, Step-By-Step Videos & Supplemental Help Topics

The following videos, electronic filing software manual and supplemental help topics are designed to assist you with learning and using the campaign finance remote software. There are also additional help files located within the software program.

Getting Started Guide

Step-By-Step Videos

This video will walk you through entering all information to set up a committee, including setting up bank accounts and officer records.

This video will walk you through entering many different transactions, on both receipts and expenditures. PLEASE NOTE: This video contains an intentional error with the entry of expense refunds. Correction of the error is covered in the third video.



This video will walk you through all aspects of reporting from creating the report, to submitting the report to the Board of Elections. It will also cover the process for amending reports.


Supplemental Help Topics

Electronic Filing Format for Third Party Software Vendors

If you use some other means to keep track of campaign finances other than the software provided by NC State Board of Elections, then these are the viable layouts of an import file. The file then gets imported into the central database. If you create a file in this format, then the central system can read your file, which can be submitted in electronic format. The example that is contained is by no means a real candidate or committee. It is simply an example which to show the format. Note: There is no intention to include an import tool to enable other software's data to be imported into the CF Remote software.

In addition to the Import File Format, the CFD Validation Utility is a validation tool that can be used to read the import file and assist verifying that it is in the correct format before submitting.

  • Import File Format
    • Description: This file is a compressed file that contains an excel workbook with field definitions and a sample import file.
    • Version: v4.12
    • Size: 52.4KB
    • Last Updated: August 7, 2020
  • CFD Validation Utility
    • Description: This file will install the CFD Validation Utility for use to assist in verifying the format of import files.
    • Version: v1.22
    • Size: 11.9 MB
    • Last Updated: December 11, 2018