NCSBE Campaign Finance Mandatory Compliance Training

How to Register for and Complete NCSBE Campaign Finance Mandatory Compliance Training (Online or in-person)

1. After reading through the instructions below, click on the link to access the training registration page (NC Learning Center).

2. To create a new account, click on the link next to the word 'Register' on the NC Learning Center website.

3. Complete all *required fields to create your new account. First/Last Name, Email Address, Phone, User ID (recommended User ID is email address), Category (Associated State Agency), Association (Elections) and Password (password requirements: upper & lower case letters, alpha and numeric characters, must be 8-20 characters, cannot have leading or trailing spaces and cannot be the same as Username, User ID or email address). Click Login

4. From the Welcome page search for training in the upper right hand corner. Enter the word Campaign and click the magnifying glass symbol.

5. You should see multiple training options in your list. Click on the training title of your preference (NCSBE Campaign Finance Mandatory Compliance Training), either the classroom or online session. The classroom session has a calendar symbol in red and the online session has a computer screen.

6. If a classroom session is selected, you will be taken to the next screen to REQUEST the session you would like to attend. The system may not immediately provide you with a listing of training options or session dates to select from. If this happens, you will need to log-out and wait to log-in (generally 24 - 72 hours), training options will then be available. 

7. You will be prompted to complete a short form for reporting purposes. Full Name, Phone Number, Address and Email Address are required fields. You will also be asked for Committee or Candidate Name and County, these should be completed if applicable. Click SUBMIT.

8. If online training is selected, you will be taken to the next screen, select REQUEST. Then select REGISTER. (The system will process your registration.) Then select LAUNCH. The course will proceed to load in a new window. There is currently no audio for the online training.

If you encounter a problem with viewing the training website or loading the training presentation, the following troubleshooting tips may provide assistance.

If you are unable to open the training website it may be because you have a pop-up blocker for security reasons on your computer. You will need to configure your pop-up blocker to allow access to the training website.

9. If you need to return to the course or after you have completed the course (either online or in-person) you will use the User ID and password that you created to log back in to view and print your certificate from the transcript page.

To access the training page (NC Learning Center) click on the following link

For additional assistance please email [email protected].

Software Training

Please contact the State Board of Elections at [email protected] for information about one-on-one software training (these can be conducted via phone or online).

Other resources for using the Campaign Finance Remote Filing Software to file campaign finance reports can be found on the Reporting Software page of our website.

Federal Training

Please contact the State Board of Elections at [email protected] for information about the training for Federal Committees registered with the FEC that may need to also register with our office.

Additional Training Information

§ 163-278.7 (f) Every treasurer of a political committee shall participate in training as to the duties of the office within three months of appointment and at least once every four years thereafter. The State Board of Elections shall provide the training as to the duties of the office in person, through regional seminars, and through interactive electronic means. The treasurer may designate an assistant treasurer to participate in the training, if one is named under subdivision (b)(9) of this section. The treasurer may choose to participate in training prior to each election in which the political committee is involved. All such training shall be free of charge to the treasurer and assistant treasurer.

The following link is for a spreadsheet that contains completion dates for the Mandatory Compliance Training. The filename is READ ONLY Mandatory Compliance Training (date updated). If you have questions please send an email to [email protected].

Mandatory Compliance Training Status